23 February 2018

Salisbury Bowling Club AGM

Reminder for members Salisbury Bowling Club Annual General Meeting.

Agenda available to members who login (see under official documents).

29 November 2017

Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Wiltshire Air Ambulance 291117

Members of Salisbury Bowling Club visited the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Airbase in Devizes.

They were welcomed by Sue Andrews an Operations assistant who provided an informative overview of the work carried out by Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

The presentation included an introduction to the facilities, equipment and capabilities of the service. Impressively the aircraft can travel to any location within Wiltshire in under eleven minutes. 

Salisbury Bowling Club President John Hurle and Club members handed over a cheque for £421 and a further undisclosed collection all collected during several fund raising events held by the club and during a recent bowls tour in Cyprus (mainly forfiets for wrongdoings! (and we all know who you are)). 

Unfortunately the only thing missing from the visit was the aircraft (which was tasked to an ongoing incident), but a invitation was offered for a further visit to the Air Ambulance new, custom-built, state of the art Air Base facilities at Outmarsh Farm, Semington, which it is hoped will be operational in about six months. With luck and a fair wind the aircraft maybe present.

To learn more about Wiltshire Air Ambulance <<click here to visit their website>>.

23 November 2017

Men's Section Meeting

The Autumn Men's Section meeting took place, Officers elected and discussions concerning the Men's section looking forward to 2018. This included the Salisbury and District League format proposals.

If you missed it or want a refresh the Captains report is available to members who login (menu Members-Official). The officers details are updated (menu Club House - About Us - Club Officers).

Cyprus 2017

Cyprus 2017

After much planning, 18 Salisbury bowlers, 2 supporters and 6 bowling friends met at Bournemouth Airport early on 8th November for a week’s visit to Paphos, Cyprus.

After a four and a half hour flight from chilly England we arrived to be greeted by warm sunshine which stayed with us for the whole of our stay. Our bus driver was waiting for us and soon delivered us to the Pioneer Beach hotel, our base for the week. Right on the sea, with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas, an amazing choice of food at all meals, and well-appointed bedrooms, everyone soon settled in.

We enjoyed three matches during the week, two against local clubs where we came a distant second, and one at a neighbouring hotel against another touring side which we managed to win! Joyce Chalkley had made a club mascot for us who was immediately named “Harold Junior” and accompanied the highest losing skip to all meals causing much interest from other guests in the hotel!

We had time to visit some of the sights in the Paphos area, including an extensive area of Roman ruins which included some very large and wonderfully preserved floor mosaics. Retail therapy abounded, with two of our gentlemen letting the side down by purchasing “manbags” and many of the numerous seafront cafes, bars and restaurants benefitted from Salisbury visitors.

Our tour charity efforts included fun fines and everyone contributed! For example, three lady members went for an evening stroll and on their return, tried unsuccessfully to gain access to the right numbered room in the wrong hotel, several wrong biased woods were worthy of a fine, and one lady member went for a shower after swimming and was somewhat surprised on exiting the changing area to find she was in the men’s changing room!

These fines, together with some generous donations and the profit from the betting on the best performing rink in our matches has added around £200 to our donation to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance which we will deliver later this month.

Midway through the week, one of our guest bowlers, Paul Robson from Hampshire, received the good news that he had been elected Junior Vice President of Bowls England for 2018, and this was enthusiastically celebrated, by both the tour party and the hotel management, who enjoyed a significant boost to their bar takings!

Thanks everyone for contributing to a great week, hopefully a repeat in 2018?

M & G.

Cyprus 2017

More photographs available to members - Login and view galeries 

The tour party flew back to Bournemouth yesterday evening after a wonderful week in Pafos. Margaret and Graham Annetts, who organised the whole thing so beautifully, will report more fully soon, with photographs.

We played three matches, of which we won one and lost two.

Most of us found the synthetic surfaces very difficult and our defeats were against local clubs, who knew their greens so well. Our win was against another touring group.

Our party comprised eighteen members, two non-playing wives and six friends of members. Our guests were brilliant and added greatly to the success of the tour. They are distinguished members of the bowls fraternity and sorority, and Margaret and Graham, in their report, will elaborate on one particularly thrilling piece of news which came through to us during the tour.

The tour was presided over by our handsome mascot, Harold, who will sit in our clubhouse until we tour again. Harold inspired some considerable generosity towards the tour charity, and we will be taking a nice cheque to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance when we visit them on 29th November.

John Hurle

21 October 2017

"Hoy" Bingo Evening

A good fun evening for the thirty plus members and friends, but disappointing in respect of the number of actual club members who attended.

Hoy is a simple bingo like game to play in groups. The idea is for someone to match all the cards on their sheet to the cards the dealer turns over to become a winner.

Thanks go to Di Wort and Rosie Rose for their efforts in organising and preparing the excellent ‘ploughman’s supper’.

Just over £80.00 was raised for club funds.

Hopeful that future events will attract more members.

Ron Hillier

20 October 2017

Salisbury & District Bowls Association Supper and Presentation Evening

Members of the Salisbury men’s section (and guests) attended the annual dinner held at Wilton Bowling Club.

Presided over and welcomed by the president Brian McGowan, a meal was followed by presentations, draw and a quiz.

Pewsey took the men’s league cup with Salisbury receiving the runners up cup.

Other presentations for Salisbury included Harry Brockway, Barry Folland and Danny Russell receiving glasses for the highest winning triple (40-4 against Pewsey) and Paul Mortimer who collected glasses for his Triples win with Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds.


17 October 2017

Events - Monies Raised

For those of you who do not know the Ladies Gala/S&D Vice-Presidents day back in September raised £191 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

When added to the contribution from John Hurle, who bid for the ‘Teapot Cake’ made by Anne Selby, we have a donation of £221 to present to Charlotte Mortimer the Fundraiser for South Wiltshire.

We hope some of us may visit the operational centre to see the helicopter and personal.

Valerie Botting

7 October 2017

Jumble Sale

Today's highly successful Jumble Sale raised over £220 for club funds.

It would have been slightly more than it was if we had not been passed two French francs (pre euro, of course), a pre-decimal threepenny bit and an old larger 5p.

Thanks to the many members who attended as helpers, tea makers, doormen etc., but especially Di Wort, who masterminded the event.

John Hurle

29 September 2017

Macmillan Coffee Morning

W thought you would like to know our final total for the Macmillan Coffee Morning held 29 September


Well done and thank you very much to all who attended and contributed cakes.

A special thank you to Nancy, Jeff, Jacqui, Rosie and Graham without whom I am sure the morning would have been chaos.

Thank you,

Valerie & Frank


24 September 2017

Salisbury Bowlers - World Bowls pair's qualifiers

Sunday, myself (Jamie Reynolds) paired with Jordan Moody and with Tom Warner paired with Scott Edwards from Oxford we took part in the World Bowls pair's qualifiers at Dolphin Indoor Bowling Club in Poole.

There were top competitors from England and Wales at the event, trying to secure a place in the World finals.

The format was a straight knock-out three bowl pair's played in two sets of seven ends. With this being my first outing at this level of competition I expected to at best give a good performance and possibly win a game.

As the day went on though, myself and Jordan just kept winning as did Tom and Scott until between us we had taken out all other competitors,. This was no easy task with the likes of James Rippey and Paul Maynard at the event (to name a few).

But this is sport and unfortunately someone has to lose. The final was played in good spirits, knowing that at least one of the Salisbury boys were making it to Potters made it a bitter sweet pill for myself and Jordan.

The level of bowls played showed why both teams made it to the final and after a hard fought game Tom Warner and Scott Edwards came out on top, winning 10-4 7-6.

To sum up the day, totally chuffed with our performances and to reach the final in this type of competition is a huge success in itself. Well done to both Tom and Scott who now go on to play at Potters early next year. They totally deserved the win and played superbly throughout. To have three of the four players in the final of the World qualifiers from Salisbury is a huge statement as to where we are going success wise, not just as a Club but County as well.

Jamie Reynolds

16 September 2017

Club Presentations and Final outdoor match

The final outdoor club match of the season was held. "Alphas v Omegas" saw forty-four club members play in four rink and two triples matches. As tradition dictates the match was a draw.

Following the match, presentations of awards were made by the Ladies Captain, Ronnie Mussell. This was organised and managed by the completions secretary Stuart Mason to whom many thanks go out for all his dedicated hard work throughout the season.

Stuart arranged an additional presentation (with a subliminal message) to Jamie Reynolds, to quote Benjamin Parker, a character more commonly known as “Uncle Ben”, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility".

Jamie "With great power comes great responsibility"

Jamie receiving his award from Ronnie

(note - other brands of silver polish are available!)

9 September 2017

Men’s County Unbadged Singles - Final

The final held at Devizes Bowling Club between Fraser Boynton (Salisbury) and Ashley Plumb (Amesbury).

In a game which could have gone either way Fraser was unlucky losing 18-21.

Congratulations to both players in reaching the final.

FraserBoynton UnBadgedSinglesRU2017

Fraser receiving his runner-up Cup at Devizes

2&3 September 2017

Salisbury Bowling Club Finals

The Club's Finals were well contested in a programme of matches which extended over Saturday 2nd September (warm and sunny) and Sunday morning 3rd September (continuous rain). The matches were well supported by members and prospective members and very well organised by Stuart Mason, who managed the club's competitions again.

Thanks also go to markers, greenkeepers, cake and sandwich makers, barmen and all the volunteers who make our club such a pleasure.

Margaret Annetts and Jamie Reynolds won the Ladies' and Men's Championships. Jamie and Roger Phillips (in the Veterans Singles) came from lying match down to recover and win their finals with decisive late woods.

Ken Bryan and Fraser Boynton, both new to our club this season, reached the final of the Men's Handicap singles. Fraser took it after a good start by Ken.

Di Wren and Doreen Hillier contested the Ladies' Special Singles. It's always a pleasure to see a new name engraved on our trophies and on this occasion Doreen Hillier came out on top.

Another new name to be engraved was Paul Mortimer, who won the Men's Special singles.

The mixed pairs was a long match, played in increasingly heavy rain. Ann Selby and Eddie McConnell were eventually reined in by Sandie Hall and Danny Russell after an impressive start.

The men's pairs final was close, but Stuart Mason and Roger Phillips came out on top. The evergreen Nancy Oliver triumphed in the Ladies' Handicap singles and Di Wort won the Ladies' 2-wood in a close finish.

Dave Bale, who has marked a colossal number of ties in recent seasons, took charge of one of the finals by way of reward for his great contribution again.

An injury to Cherith Deane has caused the postponement of the Ladies Pairs Final to Friday 15th Sept at 11am. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Cherith.

We approach the end of another outdoor season with our Club in good heart and eager to do it all again in 2018.

John Hurle, President

SBC Finals 2017 ladies Champion Margaret Annetts

 Ladies Singles Champion Margaret Annetts receiving Cup from President John Hurle

 SBC Finals 2017 Mens Championship Jamie Reynolds John Hurle Frank Botting (Captain)

Mens Singles Champion Jamie Reynolds (R), runner-up John Hurle (L) President.
receiving cups from Mens Captain Frank Botting.

Competition Winner(s) Runner(s) up
LADIES SINGLES CHAMPION Margaret Annetts (21) Ronnie Mussell (8)
MEN’S SINGLES CHAMPION Jamie Reynolds (21) John Hurle (20)
LADIES 2 WOOD SINGLES Di Wort (15) Rose Pattenden (12)
MEN’S 2 WOOD SINGLES Jamie Reynolds (17) John Hurle (8)
MEN’S SINGLES HANDICAP Fraser Boynton (21) Ken Bryan (14)
LADIES SINGLES HANDICAP Nancy Oliver (22) Sandra Hall (12)
MEN’S VETERAN SINGLE Roger Phillips (22) Graham Annetts (18)
LADIES SPECIAL SINGLES Doreen Hillier (22) Di Wren (12)
MENS SPECIAL SINGLES Paul Mortimer (24) Colin Hardiman (12)
Roger Phillips (24)
Jamie Reynolds
Paul Mortimer (21)
Danny Russell (31)
Anne Selby
Ed McConnell (21)

Saturday 7 October 2017 (1 pm)

Bowls Club fundraising Jumble Sale

Tabletop / Nearly New / Jumble Sale

Salisbury Bowling Club

Di Wort

(Members - login to the members section/notices for full details (and a request for assistance))


26 August 2017

Salisbury & District Triples Winners 2017

S&D Triples Winners 2017


The winning Salisbury triple: Jamie Reynolds, Paul Mortimer and Fraser Boynton.

The final was played at Amesbury against Mike Mundy, Richard Pearce and Vince Kimber (Pewsey)

Salisbury won 19-18 (see match reports for full details).

29 July 2017

Salisbury Open Singles Tournament

The Salisbury Open Singles Tournament was played on Saturday 29th July, and despite the poor weather the day was amazing. I was very impressed with the turnout, not just of fantastic bowlers, but also the club members that helped with everything from marking to the catering and bar staff.

In the singles tournament we saw some fantastic bowling from everyone, and some very tight battles. After a tough fight in the group stage, the eight players to qualify for the quarter finals were:

Tom Warner (Amesbury)
Fraser Boynton (Salisbury)
Tom Newman (Avon)
Wayne Simmonds (Holt)
Joe Wahnon (Weymouth)
Ashley Plumb (Amesbury)
Jamie Reynolds (Salisbury)
Craig Hatherall (Weslecot)

After intense games in the rain the four remaining semi-finalists were Wayne, both the Toms, and Jamie. By this point the end was in sight and the games reflected that, with two close fought matches ending with the two Toms in the final.

Tom Newman, who had been unbeaten throughout the event, continued his form and won against Tom Warner in a very tight and fantastically played final.

The outcome is that the first name on the Salisbury Open Cup since 1993 will be Tom Newman (Avon).

I wish to thank everyone who assisted with the preparations and helped on the day, Salisbury Bowling Club for hosting the event, and the competitors who made the day a success. There were so many of you that supported this event and without you this would not have been possible.

To mention a few; Ron Hillier ran the bar for the day, Frank Botting, Valerie Botting and Jacqui Bull ran the kitchen and kept everyone full, and Anne Selby baked some fantastic cakes as well as playing in the event. I want to thank Neil Gillespie for umpiring for the day and to all my markers; Dave Bale, Stuart Mason, George Robins, Geoffrey Bull, Harold Wilmot, Brian Pike, and Colin Hardiman. Thanks also to everyone who donated raffle prizes which led to a successful raffle draw.

Lastly, I want to thank the club for allowing me to run this competition; I think this showed how successful this event can be. I hope to be able to run this again next year, and for many years to come.

SBC Open Singles 2017 winner Tom Newman President John Hurle 290717

Winner Tom Newman (Avon) being presented with
Open Singles Cup by Club President John Hurle

Jamie Reynolds

6 September 2017

Social Evening with Sponsors

Our generous sponsors, St James's Place, have hosted an annual gathering at our club the last three years, and will be doing so again on the evening of Wednesday 6th September.

Members please login for the full details (members/notices)

John Hurle

Michelle Sheppard  James Wring

29 July 2017 

Open Singles - Salisbury

Salisbury Tournament Poster 2017

Open Singles Tournament

Saturday 29 July 2017

 24 June 2017

Gillian Scott Trophy

Today we had thirty six players enter this competition. The match ended ending with a three end final, one shot on each end.

The winners Toby Fiddy, Di Kerley and C Hardiman.

Trophy presented by Brian Scott

Gillian Scott 240617 Toby Di Coiln Brian Scott

The milky bar kids (runners-up) Harold, Steph and Eddie.

Gillian Scott 240617 Harold Steph Eddie

We raised £54.00 for the Salisbury Hospice, finishing with a cream tea.



4 June 2017

Scouts Visit

On Wednesday 14 June, 13 Scouts and their Scout Leaders from 8th Salisbury Methodist Scouts paid a visit to the club to have a ‘taster’ bowls evening.

There were four club coaches present and we started with the usual Health & Safety briefing and some basic instruction.

The coaches decided to introduce an element of fun and competition  with teams, coloured obstacles on the rink and even a cardboard box!

They all seemed to enjoy themselves and at the end of the 90 minutes we identified some promising bowlers!

The scout leaders have kindly given a link to a Facebook page showing the Scouts in action.

<<click here for link to the Scouts in action>>


3 June 2017

Social Bowls

Saturday 3rd June saw 30 members suitably attired in an assortment of colours and styles to enjoy an afternoon of Social Bowling.Social Day 030617

The format of triples matches, two of six ends and one of four ends and based on “yardstick” scoring saw a mixture of some accurate and occasional wayward bowling with team positions and members being drawn after each match.

The weather, although a little threatening at times, held fine with all matches completed just after 5pm.

Members then adjourned to the Clubhouse to enjoy a tea, raffle and await the announcement of the winner.Winner Godfrey Ball

After the scrutiny of the scorecards by Sandy and the team the winner was hailed as Godfrey Ball with an overall score of plus 19. Well done Godfrey.

Thanks go Sandy and the rest of the team for organising, to those who provided sandwiches and cakes and to all those who bowled to make an enjoyable afternoon.

A few photographs (Club Members see Gallery) are included. Mick, what a shirt and Aussie Don looked spectacular. !!!!!!!!!

Ron Hillier 

Social Day 030617

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